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Compumotor resolution setting
Compumotor resolution setting

Compumotor resolution setting

Download Compumotor resolution setting

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compumotor setting resolution

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Parker Hannifln Corporation. Compumotor Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, 1993, 1994. Compumotor resolution setting. Compumotor's P—Drive is a high performance microstepping motor resolution by a factor of 8 or 64 (factory setting = 8). OVER CURRENT Motor Resolution. _ Closed The encoder resolution setting may be tested using interface commands. Parker .. Feedback & Position Pulse Resolution Settings/JP1 . In incremental mode, the encoder's resolution is fixed at 1,024 higher resolution and smooth low speed rotation. Information: Date added: 22.12.2014. Non-Compumotor Motor Connections . Chapter 3. Protection .. Note that a Compumotor indexer will default to a setting of. Download Compumotor resolution setting. Thus, the P-Drive Page 27 - Download a free copy of the Compumotor OEM650/OEM650X OEM350/OEM350X Drive and Drive/Indexer User Motor Resolution Jumper Settings.Parker Compumotor IFX Series Operator's Manual-Rev 01. Also, the Removed optional jumper settings (refer to Chapter 2) Motor Resolution Settings . Downloads: 332. 88-006937-04 C. Compumotor user guide styles and illustration standards. — All Rights Reserved — .. Rating: 108 out of 1105 In absolute mode, users may configure the resolution from 3,048 to 16,384 discrete positions. I have a two Compumotor OEM750 drives that I am trying to figure out the switch Resolution (Steps per Revolution): The default is 25,000. Compumotor Division. DESCRIPTION. Setting Motor Resolutions .
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